About Us

Milovia Design has been in business as a structural engineering and design firm since 2009. In 2019, we changed our  brand from The Milovia Group to Milovia Design to establish a clearer  expression of our services. Our experience crosses a broad spectrum of  projects from historic rehabs to custom new projects. Our services can range from providing a simple structural report, to a complete custom design, drafting and building permit stamping. 

Whether your project involves wood, steel, concrete or unique materials, such as straw bale, cordwood, recycled plastics, etc., we've got you covered. 

Over  the years, we have learned the building industry does not always focus on the  needs of the client and many times is influenced by a contractor's bottom line or the overall cost of the project. A contractor has no incentive to save you money, since a larger or more expensive project, is more money in their pocket. And many architects or designers charge a percentage of the overall project cost. At Milovia Design, we only charge for  services rendered. So whether you are installing custom granite counter  tops or a big box store off-the-shelf second, you are only charged for the expertise we provide. Plus, there is more incentive to save you money if our fees are not influenced by the final price tag of your home.